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Guyana’s Oil Dorado
As the fossil fuel consensus grows ever more untenable, an oil bonanza heats up offshore Guyana. Despite the odds, affected...
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“The Conspiracy of Mutual Caring” on Andaiye’s Writings with Alissa Trotz
In this conversation, Alissa Trotz speaks about Andaiye, born in Guyana in 1942, who was one of the Caribbean’s most...
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In the Diaspora,  Stabroek News
Since 2008, Alissa Trotz has edited a weekly newspaper column in an independent daily in Guyana.
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Alissa Trotz is a professor of Caribbean Studies at New College, director of Women and Gender Studies. She is also...
News | Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Alyssa Nurse remembers the six-hour flight from Guyana to Toronto four years ago — staring out the window with conflicting...
News | Tuesday, June 7, 2022
In the spring of 2015, around 500 Black graduate and undergraduate students, staff and faculty came together on a Friday...
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Nicole Charles is an assistant professor in the department of historical studies at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Her research focuses on women, gender and sexuality studies, including Caribbean feminisms and Black feminist health science studies. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach in her research, Charles questions issues of care, gendered and racialized risk, technoscience and coloniality in the Black Atlantic.
News | Thursday, March 24, 2022
In 2015, Nicole Charles headed to Barbados to unpack the reasons behind parents’ hesitancy toward the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine....
News | Thursday, March 17, 2022
University of Toronto historian Funké Aladejebi is on a mission to place Black Canadian history at the forefront of academia....
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Suspicion and/as Radical (Care): Looking Closer at Vaccine Hesitancy in Postcolonial Barbados
Charles’ examines the caring work of human papillomavirus (HPV) delivery, looking closely into historical antithetical understandings and practices of care.