Our Team

Get to know the BRN team!

BRN Director

Enid Montague

Enid Montague is an associate professor in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. With expertise in human-automation interaction in health care, Montague’s research highlights how new technologies can be utilized to address inefficiencies and inequities in health care systems, with a focus on increasing access to healthcare.

Core Team

Rabia Saleem

Rabia Saleem

Executive Assistant

Rabia is the Executive Assistant at the BRN. She is motivated by the opportunity to make a significant difference through the BRN initiative. Rabia has a diverse background in administration, having held various roles at the University of Toronto, as well as experience in the field of education.

Kola Ijasan


Kola is the Program Lead at the BRN. An academic research leader whose work explores housing regeneration and urbanization, he has successfully developed numerous academic research initiatives at the University of the Witwatersrand and brings a passion for developing research partnerships to the BRN.

Tina Adamopoulos

Matina Adamopoulos

Communications Officer

Tina is the Communications Officer at the BRN. Energized by the opportunity to envision, produce and deliver thoughtfully tailored, people-driven stories and initiatives, Tina has spent majority of her early career telling stories of research and innovation at the University of Toronto.

Steering Committee

Maydianne Andrade

Professor of Biological Sciences and former Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs and Equity at the University of Toronto Scarborough

Alissa Trotz

Professor of Caribbean Studies at New College and Director of Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto

Lisa Robinson

Dean of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and Professor in the Department of Pediatrics

Rhonda McEwen

President and Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University and Professor of Emerging Media at the University of Toronto Mississauga