About Us

Learn more about the BRN, who we are and our mission to promote Black research excellence.

Who We Are

The Black Research Network(BRN) is a University of Toronto Institutional Strategic Initiative (ISI) launched October 2021. The mission of BRN is to promote Black excellence at University of Toronto and enhance the research capacity of Black scholars within the university and on the world stage. We will achieve this by developing and supporting platforms and collaborations that:

  • Increase visibility for U of T Black scholars’ research accomplishments
  • Sustain a cross-divisional, interdisciplinary, network of Black scholars
  • Facilitate robust research engagements across the University of Toronto and internationally

Our mission aligns with the recommendations of University of Toronto Anti-Black Racism Task Force and The Scarborough Charter to address anti-Black racism and advance Black inclusion within the institution.

Our Strategic Plan

Introducing the Black Research Network’s Strategic Plan – our roadmap to promoting Black research excellence at the University of Toronto. Learn about the BRN’s vision and strategic priorities as the network works towards enhancing the research capacity of Black scholars at the University and on the world stage.

Strategic Pillars

Research Excellence

Under this pillar, the BRN aims to enhance the visibility of research excellence that is already present among U of T Black-identified scholars by developing and supporting relevant platforms across the university and globally.

Mentorship & Pathways

Under this pillar, the BRN aims to enhance the experiences of U of T Black-identified faculty, librarians, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students by providing mentoring and other relevant support (e.g. fellowships, knowledge mobilization, etc.) that strengthen future academic excellence.

Community, Collaboration & Partnerships

Under this pillar, the BRN aims to build an interdisciplinary and cross-divisional community across the U of tri-campus, providing virtual and physical spaces for formal and informal engagement and collaboration.

Funding & Investment

Under this pillar, the BRN aims to advocate for both internal and external research funding to improve research capacity of U of T Black scholars.


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