Funké Aladejebi is an assistant professor in the department of history at the University of Toronto. Her research focus is oral history, Canada’s education system, Black Canadian women’s history, and transnationalism. 

Set for release in March, Aladejebi’s latest book, Unsettling the Great White North: Black Canadian History, highlights the lives of historical and present-day figures as well as organizations that played a critical role in shaping Black Canadian history. The collaborative project is co-edited with York University’s Michele Johnson and involves scholars across various disciplines in Canada.

Released in 2021, Schooling the System: A History of Black Women Teachers, chronicles how Black women teachers played a critical role in shaping early anti-racism education in Ontario’s school system between the 1940s to 1980s.   

Her work has appeared in Education Matters, Ontario History, and the Southern Journal of Canadian Studies. In addition, Aladejebi provides companies and academic institutions with gender and racial inclusion support initiatives. 


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