Sharlene Mollett is an associate professor in the department of human geography at U of T Scarborough. As a feminist political ecologist and cultural geographer, Mollett studies the relationship between land and culture, and how gender and race shape access to natural resources. Her research areas include land and natural resource conflicts, development geography and property rights.  

Mollett’s research – and advocacy – focuses on communities displaced by land grabbing in Central America. Her work follows the Miskito peoples, an Indigenous community in the Honduran Mosquitia region, located in the easternmost part of the country, and Garifuna Defensoras, women who serve as land and community defenders on the north coast of Honduras.  

In 2018, Mollett received the Glenda Laws Award from the American Association of Geographers for her work and accomplishments as a critical social geographer. She holds the award and title, Distinguished Professor in Feminist Cultural Geography, Nature and Society at the University of Toronto (2020-2024). 


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