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Africentric Social Work
In this chapter, Chambers outlines that prioritizing various ways-of-knowing and practices is key to decolonizing social work research. By reflecting upon...
  • Researcher: Lori Chambers
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Listen to her: Re-finding culturally responsive poetic inquiry as home knowing for women of African descent
In this article, Chambers reflects on her academic and creative journey to share the stories of women living with HIV....
Events | Friday, April 29, 2022
The Centre for Research & Innovation Support invites social sciences scholars at the University of Toronto to join a community-wide...
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Suspicion: Vaccines, Hesitancy and the Affective Politics of Protection in Barbados
Charles reframes the Afro-Barbadian resistance to the HPV vaccine in 2014, and examines the history of colonial and biopolitical violence,...
  • Researcher: Nicole Charles
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