Caroline Shenaz Hossein is an associate professor in the department of global development studies at U of T Scarborough. Hossein’s research navigates solidarity economies – a movement that started in the Global South – which prioritizes social profitability instead of financial gain. 

In 2017, Hossein founded the Diverse Solidarity Economies (DiSE) Collective. The platform was established to advocate for culturally diverse community economies. The DiSE Collective is a space for scholars and activists to support one another’s work, ranging from political-economic studies to education, health and human rights.

Based on Hossein’s research, the 2020 documentary ‘The Banker Ladies’, explores Toronto’s Black social economy through the experiences of three women running rotating saving and credit associations (ROSCAs), self-managed money collectives based on trust and community. Hossein holds a PhD in Political Science & Gender from the University of Toronto; MPA from Cornell University; LLB from the University of Kent, and a BA from Saint Mary’s University (Halifax).


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