Mireille Norris is an assistant professor at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and a geriatrician at Sunnybrook Hospital. Her expertise is in the determinants of health in seniors with dementia and fall prevention for seniors who live in long-term and community care.   

Along with her colleagues at Sunnybrook, Norris co-led the establishment of the Sunnybrook Program to Access Research Knowledge for Black and Indigenous Medical Students (SPARK). The program supports Black and Indigenous medical students by providing opportunities for meaningful, paid research externships at the hospital. A recipient of the Black Research Network’s IGNITE grant, Norris will conduct new research to understand how health literacy and dietary choices are key in improving hypertension outcomes in Scarborough’s Black community.  In March 2022, Norris was a recipient of the Miriam Rossi Award for Health Equity in Undergraduate Medical Education. The award recognizes University of Toronto MD Program faculty members for their commitment to diversity and health equity in undergraduate medical education.


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