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Call for 2023/2024 Black Research Network Faculty Fellows  

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The Black Research Network (BRN) was launched in October 2021 as a University of Toronto Institutional Strategic Initiative to promote Black excellence at the University of Toronto.  Our mission is to enhance the research capacity of Black scholars within the university and on the world stage by developing or leveraging existing platforms to increase the visibility of Black scholars’ research accomplishments, sustain a cross-divisional, interdisciplinary network of Black scholars and facilitate robust research engagement across the U of T and internationally. The BRN envisions deep connections with Black communities outside of U of T and holds space for non-Black colleagues committed to addressing anti-Black racism to work alongside BRN members to achieve the goals of the network.    

BRN Faculty Fellows: Program Details  

We are launching the inaugural cohort of the BRN Faculty Fellows in line with BRN’s vision and strategic priorities. BRN fellowships will award $10,000 (CAD) in research engagement support for tenure and teaching stream faculty. This support will help BRN Faculty Fellows facilitate research in any academic discipline or multidisciplinary area, build disciplinary or multidisciplinary insights in given fields, and mobilize knowledge among the BRN network at U of T and on an international stage. The one-year fellowships are designed to support faculty in the areas of individual need, such as course release (with permission of chair); research funds; or honoraria – all subject to U of T guidelines.

BRN fellows will pursue the following objectives:  

  • Advancing research in designated field(s)
  • Contributing to the BRN strategic priorities and intellectual life by way of:
    • Knowledge mobilization
    • Engagement with BRN research cohorts (e.g., postdocs, wider BRN network etc.)
    • Recommendations for BRN programs (e.g., speakers’ series, research workshops, etc.) 

The BRN invites applications from tenure and teaching stream faculty at any stage of their research career. Four faculty fellowship positions are available. Each position will focus on one of the following areas:  

  • Humanities, Arts and Black Studies  
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM)  
  • Social Sciences, Law, and Science Technology Studies/History or Philosophy of Science 
  • Queer and Gender Diversity Studies  
  • Other research areas* 

*The application supports the four areas described. There will also be an opportunity to populate one “other” category as needed. 

For the time dedicated to our Faculty Fellows program, the BRN will provide $10,000 (CAD) in research project support that may be put towards research, course release or stipend. 

  •     For course release, a note of consent and signature from the applicant’s chair/dean must accompany the application. 
  •      For the 2023 – 2024 fellowships, course release must be scheduled for Winter or Fall 2024 
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Monthly meetings with the BRN Director 
    • Participation in BRN research roundtables, speaker series, and co-work sessions 
    • Engagement with BRN Communications on research dissemination 
    •  A short report summarizing all fellowship activities (1 – 2 pages) at end of Fellowship term 

The BRN Faculty Fellows program is open to Black faculty in tenure track or teaching stream positions at U of T. The position must be taken up no later than January 2024.  

Application deadline: Friday, June 9, 2023, 11:59pm EST  
Applications should be submitted via the online application form.

The application must include the following: 

  • CV in pdf format 
  • A 1000-word (max) overview of your research, discussing disciplinary field, methodology, and current or near-future projects.  
  • A 500-word statement on your interest in the BRN Faculty Fellow position. Discuss how your research aligns with the BRN’s goals and priorities and how you may contribute to the national or international growth of a Black research community. 
  • A writing sample (journal article, book chapter, etc.) or other forms of documentation such as exhibition documentation, design, organizational materials. 
  • Provide details for two referees that would be able to comment on your work and its impact in the field, such as a department chair or mentor. 
  • If the BRN Faculty Fellowship will be applied to course release, a note of consent and signature from applicant’s chair/dean must accompany the application. 

Any questions may be directed to BRN@utoronto.ca  


  1. I accidentally submitted an old CV and/or incorrect document and would like to upload a new one, would that be possible?

Please resubmit your application using the online application form with the correct documents as soon as possible and no later than June 9th. In addition, please reach out to brn@utoronto.ca, with the subject line: Full name _Faculty Fellows – Resubmission and within the body of the e-mail, please outline your reason for resubmission. 

  1. Will I receive a confirmation e-mail that my application has been received?  

Once you submit the application via the online form, it will direct you to a page confirming that the application has been sent.  If there are concerns that your application might have not been received, please reach out to brn@utoronto.ca, with the subject line: Full name _Faculty Fellows application and within the body of the e-mail, please outline your concern.  

  1. Would it be possible to arrange a meeting with the BRN staff prior to applying to learn more about the faculty fellowship? 

Please e-mail brn@utoronto.ca with your meeting request and we will try our best to arrange the meeting.  

  1. How long is the fellowship? 

The faculty fellowship is a one-year program and must be taken up no later than January 2024.  

  1. I have recently joined a department at the University of Toronto as a lecturer (limited-term appointment), could I apply for this fellowship?   

Unfortunately, no. The BRN Faculty Fellows program is open to Black faculty in tenure track or teaching stream positions at U of T.  

  1. Could my graduate students or postdoctoral fellows attend research roundtables or speaker series on my behalf?  

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows’ participation is highly recommended and encouraged in our events such as the speaker series. However, one of the core mandatory duties of the faculty fellow is to engage and participate in the events such as research roundtables and speaker series sessions.  

For any additional questions, please contact brn@utoronto.ca with the subject line: Full Name – Faculty Fellowship  

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