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BRN Director Beth Coleman shares thoughts on inclusivity and AI with Teen Vogue 

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How can biases be addressed in AI? Will technologies like ChatGTP take over creative jobs? Beth Coleman, director of the Black Research Network, gave her thoughts in a recent interview with Teen Vogue

Coleman, an associate professor of Data & Cities, is addressing these questions in an upcoming catalog with Berlin press K. Verlag called, Reality Was Whatever Happened: Octavia Butler AI and Other Possible Worlds. Inspired by the work of science fiction author Octavia Butler, the project used AI to tackle stereotypes.

A senior researcher with Google’s Responsible AI team, Coleman is part of a group that considers ethics in AI programs. 

“There is not enough inclusivity or diversity in how most of the models are trained,” Coleman says. “Because it takes a lot of computing power and also a lot of people working on the projects to put together something like ChatGPT, one of the things that’s been established as a good practice is to have a certain level of diversity in the room in the beginning.”    

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