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Accelerate Grant Program – Acceleration Consortium

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Acceleration Consortium (AC) Research Grants help drive its approach to advancing material discovery. These grants not only allow the AC to enhance the scope and depth of its research endeavours but also facilitate the translation of ground-breaking discoveries into real-world applications.

Accelerate Grants focus on basic and applied research across physical, life, computational, and social science domains relevant to, but not limited to the following: 

  • the development of self-driving labs (SDLs) or the development of the artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools required to build SDLs, 
  • the use of SDLs for materials or molecule discovery, 
  • policy or other frameworks to support the ethical use and uptake of SDLs, or 
  • the implications (ethics, economic, social, etc.) of AI and automation for accelerated discovery and the community-based use of these technologies. 

Ultimately the end use of the research should support advances in sustainability or human health. 

Important Dates:

  • Applications open: May 30, 2024 
  • NOI due: August 9, 2024 
  • NOI notification: August 25, 2024 
  • Full proposal: Nov 18, 2024 
  • Funding notification: Dec 9, 2024 
  • Funding released: Jan 1, 2025

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