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The Jamii Moja Networking Session

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The Department of Management at U of T Scarborough will host its second annual summer networking event, organized by the O.N.E. Community Team, for business leaders and professionals who identify as Black: The Jamii Moja Networking Session on Wednesday, May 17.

O.N.E. Community’s mission is to facilitate continued engagement, unity and connection among department members and the broader GTA community, and its Black professional network. The event has adjusted its inaugural theme title from Jamaa Moja to Jamii Moja, the reason being is that Jamii Moja is a more accurate African Swahili translation of its mandate to foster ‘one community’. In fostering these values, the O.N.E Community Initiative is committed to exemplifying priority 4.2, subsection (iii) of the UTSC 5-Year Strategic Plan of Inspiring Inclusive Excellence, that champions intercultural competence and collaboration with partners who bring diverse lived experiences.

Along with special guest performances and a robust networking opportunity for all attendees with Department and University stakeholders, the evening will include concurrent panel discussions focused on two types of engagement for which opportunities exist: Classroom and Co-curricular. Join them for an evening of fruitful dialogue on the possibilities for creating collaborations and partnerships through an Afro-centric lens, and exploring the array of opportunities for impacting the student spaces with the perspectives of professionals from Black communities.

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