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CDTS Speaker Series: Black Feminisms, Emotion, and Radical Honesty as Praxis

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 The Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies welcomes you to join its next installment of its Speaker Series, titled Black Feminisms, Emotion, and Radical Honesty as Praxis.

How might we understand race, gender, and power better if we were to take emotion, and the knowledge that comes from emotional knowing, seriously? During this public dialogue, Bianca C. Williams (Bowdoin College) will be in conversation with moderator Nisrin Elamin (University of Toronto) about radical honesty as a Black feminist truth-telling praxis. Here, they will talk about the important ways emotion and truth-telling have shown up in both their multi-sited research-based explorations of race and gender, their classrooms, and in their organizing communities.

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