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Calling the Conjurers: An Otherwise Symposium for Technologies of Black Life and Study

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Calling the Conjurers is a multi-sited symposium dedicated to various technē and technologies for Black life and Black study, held from May 23-26, 2024 in Toronto.

Join The Collaboratory for Black Poiēsis and Logic(s) magazine at Toronto’s It’s Ok* Studios and other venues for four days of music performance, thought-provoking discussions, arts showcases, and creative workshops centred around the necessary technologies and creative techniques rooted in Black life and community. Come in to the conjuring and gather across the material and aesthetics concepts that challenge and nourish us: “algorithms,” “privacy,” “algorithms,” “archives,” “data,” “technoculture,” “community,” “belonging,” and more.

Calling all community engineers and visionaries, witnesses, tinkerers, dreamers, preservers, weavers, alchemists of the digital, tillers of the grounds. Calling all maroon technologists, cultural meteorologists, grief doulas, fugitive innovators in the undercommons, keepers of the recipes, memory workers, tastemakers, digital alchemists. Calling in all on the fence waiting out the winds of revolution, and calling those who always pick up the phone when possibility calls, all who are committed to collective nourishment and infrastructure and generating deeper capacity and skill-sharing towards resourcing our manifold “we” and all our collective freedom dreams. Calling on the curious, the seekers of preparation, calling up the troubled, the joyously mad scientists, the invocators of kin to ask: What is our calling? And what technologies must we conjure, compose, and corral to meet and make these calls?

This event is co-sponsored by the Black Research Network.

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